Mike, there is a couple of tricks to getting the pump started

Send me an email and I will send you the AMS user’s guide and the Double Handed Method of Inflation. No do not use channel locks. lol

That dimple is the deflate button. You can push all you want but without the implant inflated it will not do a thing.

Too much detail to go into here. If you want I will call you on the phone or give you my cell number.

Once you know the trick it gets a lot easier.

Please let me know what would u do..

This is my first time posting. Well this is my problem… I had my implant last thurs. And I been still sore and having fever off and on. My pump is goin up the shaft of my penis. It’s up side down and hurting me. Its not down in my sack. My doc Said he want to move it next month. But it’s hurting me now. He also want to give me pain medicine until then.

Please give me some advice!?!?!

To Rick, I’m 27 too

I perfectly understand where you come from. I’m 27 too and I have difficulties getting and maintaining erections. It takes me some time to get one but when I get hard it only lasts for a minute or so. I masturbate regularely and when I do so its the usual up and down. I’ve had checks and been told I’m fine and healthy. I don’t know what to think any more.

This one would probably my last inquiry!!!

I am so depressed. I am 27 years of age and have completely lost my erection. With Cialis or other meds I dont get it when I am awake. I get it when I am in sleep in the middle of night. It has been four years now. I got my testoserone level checked. which seems to be ok. doctors says I am fit. I dont smoke dont drink. but I masturbated alot. doctors say it is not a problem either. then what the hell is the problem. I am getting sick of it. Pllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzz Help…

Impotence and anti-depressents

Has anyone have problems with any anti-depressents and either ED or impotence? Getting of the meds may get me back to where I was before secually, but then will I be unhappy or depressed? So, what is the balance here.
My doctor says we as humans are sexual beings and being cut off from that part of our lives would more than likely cause additional problems.
If you have any advice, stories, or kind words (like it gets better??), please responds. I could use someone to talk to about these kinds of issues. Can’t exactly go to my gym buddies and start a discussion about these things.


A test of libido

First, I always thought a good test of libido was a encounter with another partner, or at least fantasize and masturbate.
If you get nocturnal erections, then its not physical, if no erections then rule out a physical reason such as diabetes, adrenal insuffiency.

Your story is similar to mine in some ways

and different in other ways. I agree that impotence is sneaky. I am turning 60, don’t smoke and am pretty fit and healthy in other ways. Impotence started sneaking up on me in my late 40s. I did not really decline in the length of time I could hold an erection. In fact that was worse when I was quite young because of premature ejaculation. My first signs of impotence were less frequent erections and taking longer to achieve one. My premature ejaculation actually got better in my 40s. I was still married then, and sometimes my wife had to physically stimulate my penis to get me hard. When I became single again, I didn’t date for over a year, so I didn’t realize I was becoming impotent. Then I had a few casual dates that did not lead to sex. I didn’t figure out how impotent I had become until I reconnected through some friends with my current girlfriend. We had dated for less than a year over 30 years earlier in our early to mis 20s. Back then we did not have intercourse, but she had mastubated me and given me oral sex several times. My sex drive was quite a bit higher than hers way back then, and I never has trouble getting full erections very quickly. This time around we didn’t get physical for several dates, but when we did finally get there she was shocked. When I could not get an erction she reminded me of how often she masturbated me and gave me oral sex 30 years earlier. She said that her sex drive had become much higher over the years, and I should be willing to give her oral sex without having an orgasm myself, just like she did for me back then. For several months she kept wanting me to give her oral sex almost every time we were together. The always had several orgasms while I has zero. More recently she has been masturbating me after I satisfy her orally. I have had a very few “soft” orgasms from her masturbating me, but usually none. She claims that her sex drive in her late 50s is higher than it ever has been. It would be nice if two people could be married when both of them were at their peak sex drive.

I am 57 years young I am 5’11” and weigh 265 so

I am at least 70 pounds overweight. I smoked for 30 years and stopped over 4 years ago but the damage has been done. I am convinced smoking DOES cause impotence!

I started having problems at age 50. ED is a sneaky condition! Before, I could maintain an erection for 30 minutes and help my wife have 2 or 3 orgasms if she was in the right mood. Then my ability to maintain an erection started to decline – 20 minutes, 15 minutes 10 minutes, 5 and then less. Once your ability to maintain an erection is less than about 10 minutes you cannot give your wife an orgasm, you convince yourself you are just having premature ejactulations but that is not really true.

Once we noticed I really had a problem I brought it up to my Physician and he gave me samples of Viagra. They worked VERY well, back in action. I used Viagra for 3 years then Levitra and then Cialis, settling on Cialis because if felt more natural and offered a longer effective timeframe.

This worked well until my 56th Birthday. Then I just could not get hard enough to have intercourse any more.

I mentioned this to my doctor and he checked my Testosterone level and sure enough it was at the low end of the scale (low 200’s). So I now get a shot of 2 CC (ml?) each month and my sex drive and energy level are much better but I am still not strong enough for intercourse. So if I figure if I really wanted intercouse my next step would be injections or a pump. For most guys that would be the logical next step.

Well I talked it over with the wife and she told me she really does not enjoy intercourse any more and her sex drive has gone way, way down. Her vagina does not like the feeling any more. I asked her for oral sex (she did not want to do it before) and now she agrees to allow me to go all the way in her mouth. WOW!! All I can say is this feels better than IC ever did. I figure the most virile porn star in the world would be happy with that and that makes me feel very lucky. I am happier now than ever before.

In return I wanted to reward her and I found the answer. I bought a good massage table, good massage oil and learned how to give Swedish Massage by going online and getting excellent instruction. I learned how to make her happy with my hands both regular massage and I got good using my hands on her pubic area. I massage her for about 45 minutes 4 or 5 nights a week and she loves it! We are both VERY happy now! I very seriously learned how to give a good Swedish massage to her and she appreciates it very much.

We learned the best way for us for her to give me oral sex too, it took a lot of communication and experimentation but now we have a routine that works perfectly for us. We use olive oil as a lubricant.

Anyway, I feel very proud to now know how to give her a good massage. It is an accomplishment I am proud of and I can work out her aches and pains as we grow older. When she tells her friends what I do for her they are very envious!

So, I highly recommend that all guys with ED learn how to give your wives and girlfriends massage. You will be glad you did! In return they will do everything they can to make you feel good too.

It seems as though there is a lot of information online

about these topics but nobody really talks about it. I just happened to stumble on this blog and thought that I would give it a try. Every time I try to bring it up at the doctors office they seem change the subject rather quickly. So, in search of anything that could help me, I am reaching out.
I am 31 yo, been with an amazing woman for 12 years this summer, married for 9 years. She is my first, last, and only. I have two kids, 3 and 5, I work about 70-80 hrs a week between two jobs, and I am in the car about 10-15 hrs a week. I work 3rd and 1st shift. My wife is a stay at home mom and she and I don’t mind our situation at all. I am 6′ and hover around 270-280lbs, recently quit smoking after about 10 yrs (still battling). I would say I am not that active, I just keep up with work and family. I get about 2-4 hrs of sleep a night, which I know is not a lot. I am also attempting to get my weight under control a little. I have no social life whatsoever, and wish I did, but when? I have in the past expressed concern to my doctor who just threw a script of VIAGRA at me. I did try it, with some success but really a time crunch nightmare.
Over the past few years, my wife and I noticed that I am tired all of the time, easily irritated, lack desire (doesn’t even exist), and as far back as I can remember, lack a solid erection. Anytime I am on my way to an erection it gets half-way there, and I have to “flex” to get to about 75% hard. It is hard enough to penetrate, but I can only last 5-10 mins before I’m done. My wife has no issues at all, and tells me that she could have sex at the drop of a hat any day everyday. So, she is ready and willing. I find it very frustrating to not be able to satisfy. My current doctor just recently tested thyroid function with a testosterone. I work in a lab so I have a pretty good idea of what is normal and what is not. thyroid was all normal, but the testo is “within normal range” at 297 (low end of the range is 265). From the information I have found, this is relatively low, and should warrant further investigation (if I was over 50) but I get the feeling that “I am too young for that” even though it has never been said.
I am just looking for some help…

I admire your attitude, Anne

My prostate cancer treatment put me in the same situation, not only wiping out potency but all libido. Such a loss to a man can be devastating. It took me awhile to learn the effect on my partner and it was why I built my Web site, to see if I could help other en and their partners.

Your husband is very lucky.

I was referring to certain posters in ASI

(this was about 2 years ago) automatically siding with my husband without having all the facts, as well as some aquaintances that only saw what was on the surface, and not the underlying problems that affected our relationship. I also know at least 2 other women on this group that these things have happened to as well. Actually, this was one of the main reasons that I wished to keep this group female only **and** why lots of times when some men on the group act like assholes that I go after them with a vengeance.

When a woman finally throws up here hands and gives up after doing everything she can do, but decides to stay with some **IDIOT** who may be killing himself, denying her needs to be a “dutiful wife” and some man pipes up that she’s a “wonderful wife” it gets me as angry as hell. Giving up your future (and I’m not just talking about sex here, folks) happiness for a life of frustration is FAR from “wonderful,” but you cannot make some men see this.

How many times do some of us have to repeat ourselves around here???

Yes, some women are very fortunate to have partners who seek treatment and/or pay attention to their women’s needs. However, I think some do not realize that there are some of us whose men **DON’T** ever seek treatment and **DON’T** pay us any attention **AT ALL**. Some of them, like my husband pay the **ultimate** price for their “ostrich syndrome,”–D-E-A-T-H.

All I know is that I was so completely miserable from being the “blank spot” in my marriage. I had a 5-year relationship with another man, that my late husband knew about–and was probably happy about, as well, since it took the heat off of him.

What I am trying to say is that why are women like us treated with contempt for “breaking our vows,” while the poor ED-suffering husbands are treated with the utmost sympathy? Again, I am refrerring to the ones who pay not attention to their wives nor seek any treatment. It seems to me that THEY were the ones who broke the marriage vows long before the wives started looking elsewhere for affection.

You’ve actually high-lighted your main issue

here which is ” fear of failure” ( aka: worrying ). We have a system within us commonly known as the ” fight or flight ” response. When something creates fear in our minds or bodies, one of the natural responses is to withdraw. When the body does this it rushes extra blood to the legs and arms to enable the body to run from the fear. Some people actually pass out from fear because so much blood is drained away from the brain in the bodies all out effort to avoid the danger.

This being said, it also draws the blood away from the sex organs, because its the last thing the body will be doing in a time of fear. The penis draws tightly against the body in a form of a protective state.

All this being said, I hope you can see what I am getting to here. The minute the fear sets in your mind of whether you will be able to complete intercourse, th eminute the cycle of withdraw begins in regards to your penis.

You and your wife need to reconnect through sexual touch and perhaps avoid intercourse until you feel more comfortable of failing. The partner is the main key to this entire issue. If she is understanding and willing to help you through this period, you may regain the comfort levels that you once had with intercourse. If she gets frustrated and annoyed it will only exacerbate the problem and cause long term ED.

Since I have been using the Viagra and Ginko

I do have morning erections, which I usually take adavantage of :) When this first started, one of my biggest problems was keeping an erection. If foreplay lasted to long, i would lose the erection. Since then, when I get an erection, we just go into intercourse before I lose it. The last month or so, I have been able to complete intercourse without losing the erection. I have not really tried to get an erection, hold it and continue foreplay, but I will give that a try.

Often one failure can easily be dismissed to

some exent as long as it does not affect the sub-concious part of the brain that creates the simplicity of of an erection. At no point in your prior sexual life did you probably ever have to think, ” Gee I wonder if my erection will fail me “.. It was usually a given.

Once several failures occur, that spiraling chain of failure can erode at the sub-concious area of our brains that allow non-thinking erections to happen so easily. The more your concious brain takes over, the more likely erection difficulties will happen. Its happening even more now than ever with young guys, with women wanting and demanding sex from males who may just be sexually exhausted. Pressure to perform is a formula for failure.

In your case, since your situation is not guilt based, it may just be a case of mild performance anxiety. Forget the Ginko.. Herbs and those over the counter sex pills have little evidence of any aphrodisiac like or sexually stimulating effects. Viagra on the other hand has medical and scientific proof that it will help a man hold an erection, but it does not cause an erection.

Take some time away with your wife, a nice three day weekend using Viagra. Slowly reduce the dose and try to make love eventually without it. Sometimes the sub-concious just needs to re-engage the gears that were thrown off track with some reassuring love making.

Try making love in the morning for awhile as well. Mens testosterone levels are higher in the morning than at night. Again, re-establishing the natural connection is critical at this point, before ED becomes a constant. Once ED takes hold, its a tough cycle to break.

Hope some of this helped…Let me know

Hey Thomas, I am 46

married for 26 years with 3 kids. I started haveing problems about a year or so now. At first my biggest problem was that I could get an erection but I would lose it before intercourse. Then for a time, no erection at all. Doctor gave me some Viagra which helped. I have also been taking Ginko which seems to be helping too. I still have times where I will lose the erection that I have.


Well i am 30 and have the same problem as you

i have been in this group for a while and i think there are real people here instead of salesmen or drug companies.
i have low testosterone(hypogonadism) and erection problems. as of yet i have been unable to find a soultuion for myself. but there are men who come to this group that have tried natual ways and the viagra/hormone way and had good results.
i think you may need to tell us more about your self: your physichal condtionong, what exactly happened when you statrted noticing you lost erections , how longs its been going on and what your doctor has said. any tests you have had done: like bloodwork and etc……
what i have tried to do is do research on erection process and difficulties and work with my doctor and then come in here and ask questions . i admit that i have had little success so far but i am not about to give up.

I have reached the age 50

where things are not what they used to be –week erection, low libido and low virility! I do understand the fact that this is common – but I do believe there is hope! The web & net is swamped with pills, lotions & potions of all sorts and kinds with all the promises and guarantees you can dream of.
Knowing the world we live in I am sure that less than 1% of that which is on offer is going to do the trick. What am I looking for and am I at the right address?

I am looking for a long term solution that will last. One where I don’t need to swallow a blue pill if I feel like some sex, and then how on earth do you feel like sex if you suffer from low libido? And once you have now generated the desire and swallowed the blue pill (which my dr. has prescribed) for the erection you need to swallow another bunch of who knows what to last the mile (Ooops! all said and done and now she is not interested) – Hey it’s not funny!

Too often manufacturers and distributors are involved in these groups and soon one is swamped with more promises and even more guarantees. No, what I am looking for is some real advise from ordinary people who have had 1st hand experience is what works AND what does not work. Sincere people prepared to share these experiences with others.

Am I chasing a dream if I think there is a long term, lasting solution to restoring my poor erection, weakened libido and virility to the same levels of yesteryear when I woke up with a hard and an overwhelming desire that lingered for the best part of the day….

One thing at a time, of course. But where do I start, Libido, erection or virility? Do I understand the terminology? I hope so let’s try this for size: Impotence – The inability to have a full hard erection. Weak libido – the lack of sexual arrousement. Weak virility – You loose stamina and steam half way through the encounter.

Hope to hear from someone soon.

By the way, I am a 50yr male living in Johannesburg, South Africa where the cost of a Viagra pill is more expensive than an hour with an upmarket lady! Both are expensive and short lived!

You are so right in your assumptions, I have an erection problem and
suffer from weak libido and virility.

Joined your blog recently


I’m in good health, 58, 5-10, 160. Taking Lipitor to keep my cholesterol in check.

Often wake up with good morning wood, sometimes 10 to 20 minutes.

Problem is when having sex (any kind) (man or woman) I can’t keep a hard-on.
I’ve tried Viagara and Cialis, which seems to help a little, but just can’t keep a good hard-on.

I really think it is in my head (and not my small head). And that is what I am thinking when having sex. Can’t keep it out of my mind. Any suggestions?

I had 2 TURP’s in the mid 1990’s

about a year apart and no problems since. One way I keep my prostate healthy with Saw Palmetto every day. My new local urologist remarks every time I have a DRE that my prostate is normal for my age, 68.

Both of my TURP’s were out patient and I left the hospital about 4 hours after each. This was just before my Peyronies and ED started. I have not had a problem with retrograde ejaculation.

Yes testosterone works, it takes a while to kick in. My PCP and Uro disagree on how much T I need. My uro thinks differently so I go with my PCP. I told the Uro one day if getting T back to the upper range of the lab work is a problem then why don’t teenage boys have prostate cancer. He had no answer. DUH !!

Good luck on either procedure you choose.

Cialis and Caverject

I take daily 5mg of Cialis and it does not work all the time. Can I take Caverject with daily Cialis? I took my daily Cialis today and just wanted to know if could inject myself with caverject.

I had the Green Light Laser (PVP) on Feb. 28, 2013, as an outpatient

The Urologist told me that 25% get retrograde ejaculation afterward, but that there has been no history whatever of any other sexual impairment. It took almost 2 months to fully recover, but I am left with all systems working as well as they did 40 years ago (I’m 73). I have no retrograde ejaculation, and I can pee like a race horse. If anything, possibly my bladder doesn’t have the capacity it once had, because I have to pee more often, but I had that problem before the PVP.

As to the recovery, I felt good, had no pain at all, and could pee just fine right from the get-go, but I kept passing blood and clots, one of which blocked the flow for a few seconds. When it did come through, it was so sudden that I sprayed blood, clots and urine over the toilet. It took me 15 minutes to clean up the mess. I had terrible bladder spasms, especially when I was near any running water. I would have to go right this minute, and often wet my pants before I could get to the bathroom. That was definitely a problem, BUT it has completely resolved. I put my wife’s stick-on pads inside my underwear, and that helped a lot. I haven’t had a spasm in almost a month.

To sum up, I would do this again in a New York minute. TURP is painful, and requires a few days in the hospital. All the other recovery problems would also apply to TURP, plus a much greater chance of retrograde ejaculation

Get the PVP. It’s cutting edge modern medicine at its best.

Normal slowdown as we get older vs impotence

Is it normal for a man to have some degree of sexual slow down in his 50s and 60s even he is not impotent? For example, if a man is in his late fifties or early sixties, does the fact that it takes a lot longer to obtain an erection or if he has less frequent erections, is that considered impotence or just normal aging?

I don’t know anything about PVPgreen laser but

I have had 2 lots of surgery on my prostate for urinary problems. The first was about 10 years ago when I had a “Bladder neck incision”. That procedure cause me to have retro ejaculations and send the semen backwards into my bladder except for a very tiny drop that would appear in my piss slit. A year ago I had a full TURP as scar tissue from the first surgery was starting to block my urethra. The Urologist must have been a magician as my ejaculations returned to normal and started squirting like a teenager and I am now 73.

I hope whatever you choose works as well for you as my TURP did for me.

Regards ZZ

I did loose girth and an erect enlarged Metus

meaning Head and Corona, but now I am able to have an erection anytime, anywhere and sex can go as long as either or both of us like. I can even have multiple orgasams. Very nice. It is more comfortable now for my wife as my penis has always been uncomfortably large at times for her. Look at the actual product that your doctor has and imagine skin around it and a uretha running through it and you can evaluate your finished product.

I am a bit confused

You lost this girth but prefer the implant? You said you had better sex with the implant in the prior post. Does your s.o. notice the difference or are you just saying you don’t like the way it looks? My biggest concern is will the wife accept and like the implant.

The real question is simple. If you were in your mid 50’s, with limited success on injection ( meaning that when it works its pretty good, but for some reason you can’t count on it) , would you recommend the implant as preferable? Is the implant in your view preferable to injections just because you can have sex any time you want it? What is the better option for those of us who have a limited choice? Thanks

What I see here is another kind of confusion

Most guys equate size with fun when infact the skin and it’s motion is what really counts for a guy. Though we all hope never to know what it’s like to have LESS. Guys are afraid that being smaller in any way will be less enjoyable. When it gets to implant size this isn’t an operation that removes skin. It only changes your ability to use for the positive.

There is the obvious change from not screwing -or not always when you want- to being able at the drop of a fly. But most guys can’t think past having any less penis -mass wise- to push. Getting to an orgasm is usually still the same great thing, try sildenafil citrate 100mg or 50mg. Can somebody relate any changes in feel before orgasm you may notice compaired to what it was like?

Back Transdermal testosterone (gel or patch)

Not necessarily for ED, but for muscle wasting, fatigue, etc., associated with old age, chronic heart failure, etc.

Looked at product list of reliable overseas company (have purchased generic ED products from them) and to my surprise saw NO listings of ANY transdermal-delivery testosterone product (gel or patch, such as Androderm, Andromen Forte, Androgel, Testogel or Testim).

Any idea why?

Do NOT want high-priced US products, even IF some M.D. here is willing to prescribe.


I mean Circumference

I lost about half of it following the implant and the metus does not increase in size when the device is inflated, when the doctor shows you the device, conisder its size while inflated, add the thickness of your skin and your uretrea and you have a good idea of the end circumference. My penis measured over 41 mm un-erect before surgery and now about 34 mm, circumference does not increase when inflated, Just legnth. I have better and more frequent intercourse now because there is no longer the need to plan in advance with pills, injections or inflating. I still like it better than before. Be the person who devlopes a device that will inflate the Metus and full girth and you’ll be a multi millionaire.

I recommend that you try a variety of injections, edex, caverject etc before giving up on them they did a great job for me for several years. If you are in Southern California call me and we can talk some more. I will send my phone number to you at your private email address.

My wife is 68, the same age as i am

She does not enjoy oral sex from me. After my implant, we can have sexual intercourse as before September 2005.
I enjoy giving her (when we have done it) oral sex and enjoy when she has her orgasms. To me it is like having a women giving you oral sex before cancer.
There is not a thing unhealthy in finishing your partner all the way.
Every person is different when it comes to having fun under the name of sex, intimacy.

Have any single guys ever hidden your impotence from a new partner for a period of time?

If you have ED you had better please her orally. Problem is most men don’t. If you do, you will blow your chance by telling her about your ED up front. Women turn men down on negatives and give no credit for promised positives. A promise to give her good oral goes nowhere. Most women have never had good oral. They have nothing to compare to.

Keep your ED problem a secret until you have done all you can do for her, orally. Then she will have reality to use in deciding, not promises. I mature and reasonable person, (man or woman) should consider it a privilege and many thrills to just lay back and let somebody give them orgasm producing oral stimulation. Oral that does result in orgasm should be of higher value than intercourse which typically results in far less orgasms for women.

I find the vacum pump to be pretty worthless.

The blood does not fully fill the penis and when I put a band on what does, it looks rediculous.

I suspect that over the years I have fibres that have stopped blood from flowing into an erect penis, thus preventing this system from working.

At best, I get just over 4 inches and as I said, not fully inflated.

I am scheduled for a 700XL this month.

I assume the doctor will have to clear away all the fibres that have slowly closed this off.

Anyone have similar problems?

Letter from Bernie:

Hello! I’m new to all this.  My regular Dr prescribed the pills (all three) and none
really worked well for me so I just saw a urologist yesterday.  She has sent me
to get my testoterone tested but also showed me all the other options should the
test come out OK.

One of the items was an ErecAid from Osbon.  I was able to try it and it seemed
to work great for me so she is checking with my insurance to see how much is

My question is that if I don’t plan on having any surgery (at least in the near
future), is it a good idea to use vacuum therapy on a regular basis just for
improving size etc… or would that just be a waste of time.


All I know is that Osborn and Aususta Medical are the two major compaies in the VED field

I have used both and the Osborn works best for me. The Osborn constriction rings also held better for sex. Do not use a constriction ring for penile exercise (only sex). Both are Medicare Approved.

For me with the very tight ring ejaculation was easier with the Osborn ring because of it’s design. Still most of the ejaculation was held in until I removed the ring.

A daily VED exercise is great for the penis before implant surgery. Helps keep it healthy and makes for a better outcome. Dr. Milam told me to keep the exercise up until the day before my implant but be careful not to hurt myself. If anyone would like a copy of the exercise I used just sent me an email.

My only concern is whether this is a good product or not

I received some propaganda in the mail from them, and if it is a good product I am going to get one. I would use it more for exercise prior to getting an implant, to make sure the implant surgeon can start with all I used to have before ED. It is getting smaller, presumably from not having nocturnal erections, and only getting up when I take a Cialis every week or so. There are no prostate or Peyronies issues, just diabetes and some artery constriction. Yes, I am dealing with that so I can hopefully avoid a heart attack.

Difficult/Delayed Ejaculation

Some of the feedback I am getting is men are not getting the proper dosage of Lovaza. This is from the Lovaza web site.

•The daily dose of LOVAZA is 4 grams per day taken as a single 4-gram dose (4 capsules) or as two 2-gram doses (2 capsules given twice daily). (2)
•Patients should be advised to swallow LOVAZA capsules whole. Do not break open, crush, dissolve or chew LOVAZA. (2)

It will not help if you are on any antidepressant with maybe the exception of Welbutrin.
It takes up to 2 months to help. It helped me in about 6 weeks.
Your feedback after taking it for a couple of months will be appreciated, It could help others.

Heart and ed

I would advise you to question your doctor more closely re Viagra or seek a second opinion.

I am too heart patient, and my Dr has cleared me to use Viagra, etc.. He says that Viagra in itself poses no risk to the heart. It works like the nitroglycerin your Dr probably prescribed to keep on hand in case of emergency. It enlarges the blood vessels allowing more blood to flow, thus lowering blood pressure.


The only danger is that if he should have a heart event while on Viagra, he should not be given nitroglycerin, as this might lower his blood pressure to a dangerous level.
He says that in the unlikely event that I did have another heart attack, it would least likely happen when I am on viagra because it is acting like nitroglycerin, opening the arteries and lowering blood pressure and as usually i order sildenfil from internet canadian pharmacy nfsno.org – no prescription needed, cheap price and good service!
Summing it up told me “here’s a prescription for Viagra, use it as directed, have great sex and don’t worry”

If Viagra isn’t an option consult a urologist about vacuum pumps, penile injection therapy or implant.


Best to you,

I am 32 years old and am on blood pressure medicine

Also i have diabetes, and have a difficult time getting an erection. I have also had some heart rythm issues and do not feel comfortable taking any of the pills. A vacuum erection device, aka penis pump, has worked real well for me. I specifically use a Rejoyn pump. The other brand off the top of my hand is the Osborn pump. Steer clear of most pumps found in the local adult toy store/sex shop.

VEDs as they are called work by placing the vacuum tube over the penis and then slowly pump the air out. This draws blood into the penis.
Once you get an erection, you use a constriction ring to hold the erection for up to 30 minutes. These are not hard to use, there are just a few tricks to learn and experiment with to see what give the best results. For me, I have to pump and release a about three times to get my best full erection and I have to use two support rings to hold the erection. Everyone is different. If you are interested, I can give you more information. In fact I may do a seperate post later today with some more detailed information about my experience with pumps and what I did to make it work for me.

Some of the cons against the system is it might decrease the spontaneity of when you want sex. This has not bothered with wife and I because before the pump we had no spontaneity sex, or sex period. Another one is a “floppy” erection, or “hinge”. An erection is more than just what you see on the outside of the body, there is also tissue that gets filled with blood on the inside during a normal erection. With the rings, the blood only fills the part of the penis you see on the outside of the body, while the inner tissue is soft. This gives an erect penis that moves around real easy at the base, does kind of flop around.
Again for the wife and I, we have not had much problem dealing with this. Our usual position is her on her hands and knees, and I have no problem penetrating. One thing that helps is not to take real long strokes. Also with the rings, you have to take them off after 30 minutes. This could go either way, it means that your sex only lasts 30 minutes if your used to going longer than that, or your sex will last 30 minutes even if your husband ejaculates early. If you have proper fitting rings, the erection should last 30 minutes even if the man ejaculates. You will have to experiment to find the right fitting rings. Also on the subject of ejaculation, some people have experienced the rings trapping the sperm after ejaculation, and it coming out when they pull the rings off. I have not experienced this myself. I have a normal orgasm and ejaculation.

Once nice thing about a pump is that you can get an erection anytime you want, no matter how tired you are. On the weekends when the wife and I are not doing anything, we will have sex four times a day. The booklet that came with my pump said that after removing the constriction rings, wait an hour, and you can pump back up and go at it again.

Pumps are just one of several treatment options, but the only one I have personal experience with and the only one I have researched so far.
They are non-invasive, very few, if any, side effects (just remember to take the rings off before 30 minutes), and should work for most men.

I will let others here tell you about the other treatment options, such as injections and implants.


Have you ever given oral instead of intercourse?

Some women really like receiving oral. My girlfriend and I are both very close to sixty, and she loves receiving oral, and usually has 2-4 orgasms. She then sometimes tries to masturbate me soft. The positive things about this arrangement are that she really likes oral does not complain much about my impotence; I don’t have to worry about not being able to perform at oral, and I can go as long as she wants. The big negative is that usually I do not have an orgasm which can make me resentful after she has several.

Best erection dysfunction drug

While searching for best erection dysfunction medication, the most typical titles we run into are Viagra, Cialis (more about tadalafil online), and Levitra. All three of these work in exactly the same method to give sufficient erection power necessary for satisfactory intercourse. These medications have found excellent benefits generally and have some unwanted effects too. The difference between your three is that Cialis lasts longer normally you will find only small variations.

Best Erectile Function Drugs and Their Negative Fallout

Being great option for individuals having poor erection but these medications aren’t safe for everyone. Nitrate responds with one of these medications to cause severe low blood pressure and unconsciousness. Some heart drugs, blood-thinners, and medicines may also create troubling unwanted effects with erection supplements. In certain unusual instances lack of hearing and vision has additionally been documented.

Best Erection Dysfunction Medication and Alternative Treatment options

Waseem Dar is just a prolific author who writes about health problems especially about men’s health. His e-book “Erection Dysfunction No Further” is just a summation of impressive exercises which increase male sexual capacity to the most degree without the over-the-counter medications concerned.

Nevertheless they’re not a safe choice due to the unwanted effects related to their long haul use, although success of Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis can’t be questioned. Various other available treatments include erection-inducing pumps shot within the penis straight, medication, and penile implants. But much better than that, herbal treatments and exercises are inexpensive and efficient house options that treatments erection problems completely.
That will be the very best erection dysfunction medication and how they function?

Under erotic excitement, body produces nitric-oxide that will be needed seriously to expand the arteries inside penis. Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra boost the production of nitric-oxide thus helping the procedure of maintaining and reaching the most erection. There’s merely a dissimilarity in the chemical structure of the three medications and their results are affected by this with every individual. Physician’s consider their unwanted effects and response with other medications before recommending them for a specific individual. These medications must certanly be taken 30 to 60-minutes before intercourse on empty stomach and only once each day.

My wife is in her mid-fifties, I’m 11 years older

I started having ED problems about the time I met her (both divorced). We had mutual oral sex and intercourse right off the bat. She, is able to consistantly climax with oral sex, then again with penetration…e.i. intercourse or finger insertion. I require oral stimulation first and used to be able to perform intercourse…but not in the last few years……Viagra no longer helps. I love giving oral to a woman.
For her part, as she has revealed, she no longer has much of a sex drive (hesterectomy)but, enjoys climaxing alot…and does enjoy giving me oral sex. She doesn’t lay awake night worrying about it all, like she may have when she was 45……but still enjoys the action. For my part, while I no longer get hard or ejaculate,….her mastery and techniqe with the ‘blow job’……leaves me pretty satisfies with our sexual life.
She knows I am turned on by her and that my ED is has nothing to do with her. She may climax, but she is never alone with it, we know it’s a ‘couple thing’
Several yeas ago, I was involved with a woman in her late 60’s….did have a hesterectomy and a rebuilt uterous-vagina. She confided in me she no longer had a physical sex drive…but could’nt be screwed enough…….she still climaxed. and longed for it. She actually climaxed with anal intercourse…… An emotional need…….
I think I’m a lucky guy. My wife said she never had oral with he r first husband…in 20 yrs. I beleive her.

I have had friends say that a woman’s sex drive

usually decreases a lot or even goes away completely after about 50, so I don’t know why hers is so high. I guess it can go either way. Even though her sex drive is higher than mine, she doesn’t demand intercourse as long as I am willing to give her oral whenever she wants. In fact in the few times when she was able to get me hard by physical stimulation, neither one of us could achieve orgasm. She still needed oral, and I usually need very vigorous and long masturbation. The heavy masturbation seems to be the only thing that works for me, but even that does not work most of the time. It just takes so long that she usually gives up before it happens.

My ex was 40 when we divorced

The women I’ve dated range in age from 35 to 54. All of them expect you to be ready to go like you’re a teenager. I looked into the implant and after seeing the surgical footage and hearing about the possible complications, I’ve decided to leave things alone. I don’t really want someone with sharp objects any where near it and the possibility of amputation is something I don’t even want to hear.

Usually appointed antibiotic reduces acute COPD episodes

NIH — financed study finds azithromycin 500 mg lowers frequency and seriousness of flare ups

azithromycin500mgtabletsIncluding a standard antibiotic for the typical day-to-day treatment regimen for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) can lessen the incidence of severe exacerbations and enhance quality of life, reports new results from the clinical trial funded by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), a part of the National Institutes of Health.

The study will appear within the Aug. 25 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.

“Acute exacerbations account for a substantial portion of COPD’s wellbeing weight,” said Susan B. Shurin, M.D., working manager of the NHLBI. “These promising results with azithromycin may help us reduce that weight and increase the lives of patients at risk.”

COPD exacerbations are abrupt starts of worsened wheeze, cough, and labored respiration that are generally caused by bacterial and/or viral infection. Azithromycin is prescribed for a vast variety of bacterial diseases including pneumonia and strep throat. Previous research indicated this antibiotic might work for COPD exacerbations, however, this study was the first to ever register a large numbers of COPD patients and treat exacerbations with this particular drug over an extended time. Participants had a history of exacerbations in the last year or needed oxygen treatment.

The 570 study participants who took 500 milligrams of azithromycin daily to get a year as well as their standard care averaged 1.48 acute COPD exacerbations per annum, in comparison with 1.83 exacerbations for your 572 participants who received their standard care without azithromycin. The participants taking azithromycin additionally evaluated their particular respiration capacity and on the whole wellbeing more positively on surveies.

Eighty percent of the research participants were already taking other drugs usually used to handle COPD, including inhaled steroids and long-acting bronchodilators.

“This study indicates that azithromycin’s advantages extend beyond those of other treatments,” noted James Kiley, Ph.D., manager of the NHLBI’s Office of Lung Disorders. Kiley included that more research is necessary to identify which group of patients would gain probably the most also to ascertain the effects of azithromycin treatment.

Unwanted side effects of azithromycin 500 mg through the study were minimal. Although no one grown a clinically apparent disease, the current presence of microbes immune to azithromycin improved in certain patients. A tiny fraction of participants receiving azithromycin were discovered to possess minor hearing loss, which is actually a known complication of the drug. Azithromycin can additionally lead to heart arrhythmias in susceptible individuals. Though people who have heightened threats for arrhythmias are not registered within the analysis, no heart rhythm abnormalities were found in study patients.

COPD is actually a progressive disorder of the lungs that changes over 12 million individuals within the Usa and is now the third leading cause of death within this state. Though a mix of drugs and way of life changes will help handle the outward symptoms, there’s presently no treatment.

The research was completed by the COPD Clinical Research Network (CCRN), an NHLBI-funded association of research centers found throughout the U.S. that was created to examine new treatments cures COPD.

If I could just find a woman who enjoys oral as much as yours

If and when it does get to sex. What does it take to get the chance to prove to you I give not only quality oral, but long lasting? True, you can find quality in about 1 out of 10 men. Adding long lasting to that and it reduces the odds sharply. I define quality oral as face soaking hard licking and hard lipping along with a very skilled g spot finger massage happening at the same time. I define lasting as being as long as it takes for you to have so many orgasms that you become tired and bored at the thought of going for another, whether it be a 10th orgasm or a 20th orgasm. I realize not all women are that much into orgasms. If you are not, ignore me. If you are you already know the man who delivers is not easily found. That in itself convinces you that age, looks etc. is not what matters but he who delivers is the man you want to try. Sure I enjoy having my cock sucked, also, but this is all about YOU. I come to you as if I did not have a cock. If you feel we have kindred spirits when it comes to total satisfaction, you will reply. If you have any part of your womanhood that has been suppressed for years, now is the chance to let what we do unleash it so it can be used to its full potential. Try this mature experienced white man and remember, quality AND stamina is my game. Is it yours?

Again slept thru the night with no pain pills.

Did not go to a pill until 4:00 PM today.

The pain has left the resivour area, the buring while peeing is almost gone, and a lot of the pain is gone except in one area.

Today the pain was localized to the bottom of the sack. Probably worst post op pain to date as the sack seems to have wakened up and is saying “What the hell did you do to me?”

Used ice today a lot. Just sat on it. This helps as much as the pain pills do.

I see the pain as progressing downward, first day worst was the resivour, then down toward to the area top of the penis, then the penis and now the bottom of the sack.

Hopping pain will be gone soon….

Slept thru night of day 2 without needing a pain pill

Burning while peeing is getting less and more limited in area. Resivour location is hurting much less as well. Can get up and down by myself in both recliner and bed. Overall progressing well.

Mistake I made today was to not use the ice pack very much around my sack. BIG MISTAKE as even the slightest touch hurt like hell. On pain meds all day as a result. That evening, I was back on the ice pack and feeling better.

Some things you cannot rush and the swelling around the sack is one of them.

Anyone have any idea how long you went before you no longer needed the ice pack?

Finally, I found the jock strap and even briefs very uncomfotable. Just way too much pressure. I find just sitting in a recliner, wearing boxers and an ice pack on top of the boxers to be the most comfortable for me I just let mother nature heal.

day 2

Pain from peeing not as bad, much more limited to the tip and believe it is from the cathitor.

The discomfort from the resivior is also less as well. My body is starting to adjust to it.

I continue to use ice pack around the sack and I am still on the percecet, but considering how black and blue I am, I feel I am doing very well.

The sack is heavy and I would agree that if I were going anywhere, I should wear the jock strap for support.

However, I have pretty much been sitting in my recliner with an ice pack.

Overall, this is NOT as bad as I thought it would be.

Had my first post op bowel movement as well and experienced no pain. I suggest you pave a towel to pee in because you cannot both pee in the toilet and poop at the same time.

On that final point, I have a walk in shower and have used that to pee in with the shower water running. There is no way I could have sat down to pee or hit the toilet standing up. For those without a walkin shower, just pee in the tub, your wife will thank you for it since she would not have to clean up the mess.

Allow me to begin by saying that

I’m certainly not knocking the relevance of the physical relationship between a guy and a girl. So would the world, whether this interaction discontinued to exist. But, it’s important to comprehend the hazards related to using drugs like sildenafil generic viagra and so on. Hopefully, after reading so, you’ll have the ability to make an educated decision regarding whether sildenafil citrate is the appropriate option for you.hazard

It’s useful for erectile dysfunction in men that are balanced enough to have sex. What a lot of folks don’t really understand is a stronger kind of the drug can also be used when treating hypertension within the lungs. So it’s important that you understand you could not replace one kind of the drug for one more.

One more thing that folks who use, or intend to work with, Sildenafil citrate demand to understand is this drug doesn’t protect against stds. Therefore it’s crucial that you use protection during intercourse even though you’re using this drug.

The drug must be taken at least half an hour before having sex. Getting it over 4 hours before sex is so long as well as the drug won’t be just as powerful after that number of time.

Side effects from using this drug contain dyspepsia, headaches, dizziness, as well as light-headedness. In more severe cases, diarrhoea is potential.

This is often temporary or permanent in extraordinary cases. In Addition, together with particular drugs that comprise nitroglycerin or isosorbide, fatalities might happen.

Most likely your physician won’t prescribe Sildenafil citrate to your state, should you have any of the problems mentioned above.

The reality is, most kinds of ed could be treated naturally. Read the website in my signature, if you’re interested in remedies for this particular issue.

The risks of Sildenafil citrate are very real.

This is day one

I am having difficulty peeing as it burns when I pee. I was told at the Dr office that this is normal.
I am on percecet, and backed off today for 1/2 pill. That lasted 6 hours and am back on full meds.
I have also found that the reservoir is very discomfoting. Especially when my bladder is full. While I expect this to go away over time, I have read nothing about these two items.
My sack is black and blue and swelling has occured. I expected this. Discomfort is not that bad. Worst part is the reervoir. Have difficulty going to 90 degrees on my right leg.
About all there is to report.
Looking to see if others have had this experience and when it goes away

Sex drive and sex roles in older couples with impotent male

Do you think couples often experience a sort of “role reversal” sexually as we get older? By this I mean when I was a younger I always seemed to have a much higher sex drive with easier and more frequent orgasms than any woman I was with and definitely a higher drive than my wife after we married. I think nearly all guys feel like this as young men. At some point in my late 40s and 50s, it seems like there was a gradual “role reversal” where women I dated started to be more aggressive and it took me longer and longer to respond. Have you noticed a type of “sexual role reversal” like this as you have become impotent?

Pump Problems?

Everything seems to be healing nicely and am waiting for the Dr’s OK to start using my new implant. Easier said than done. One my last visit he pumped it up and indicated he wanted me to wait another week but his next appointment is in two weeks. Well I figured I might try it out myself. In the beginning stages is the pump like squezing a walnut? All the infor I have on my AMS 700LGX talks about a deflate button, I don’t have a button where the drawings indicate, just a dimple. Starting to think I may be one of the few with a bad pump. Anyone care to comment.

A man needs to get him a woman

who will take care of ALL of his needs before he becomes unable to care for himself. Or vise versa from a woman’s point of view, as we do not know which one will be the disabled and which the caretaker. If she will not care for ALL of your needs now, would she if you became disabled? You sure take care of her sexual needs.


I’ve been trying to salvage my sexual function for many years now, after many more years of impotence.
Nothing worked except for trimix. I was advised to try Testosterone therapy by a member of the group, and started injecting “T” at the end of December, only to have no changes to report for months. I kept it up for four months, while my urologist said I’d be throwing gasoline on a fire, cancer-wise. I said “Let’s find out”, because I intend to keep on with the “T” because it was my last resort. After injectiong myself for four months, all of a sudden the things began happening. I had a change in my overall mood. I felt a kind of strength inside me. I got my sexual function back and blew more sperm in seven days than I had in the past seven years. Finally!!!It’s true!!!

But then my urologist says I need a TURP or PVPgreen laser treatment to enlarge my pathway in my prostate so that a better stream of urine would pass through, thereby allowing me to empty my bladder completely—-either that or my bladder would die from lack of blood flow and I’d be wearing a catheter for the rest of my life. So I knew I had todo it and said “go ahead, I’m not afraid”, that is until he told me that very probably I’d lose my prostate function and never be able to ejaculate afterwards.

So right after getting it, I may well have to lose it. I knew I had to do it. My only variable was either TURP or PVPlaser. The man in me chose PVP because there was less chance of losing my function. Has anybody had this procedure done? And did it take all sexual function? Also, does anybody have anything to say about TURP or PVPgreen laser?

The hand of Fate is on me now,
It picked me up and it slapped me right down

Don’t forget, Testosterone can work!!!!

My girlfriend is almost 60

but still has a very high sex drive. She prefers that I give her oral sex, and she usually has several orgasms every time. She has played with and masturbated my penis a few times, but she is usually wanting to have her multiple orgasms rather than help me have one. She says that younger women often do not have an orgasm when the young husband or boyfriend does. So she thinks older women should be able to enjoy orgasms without having to worry about an impotent man having one.

My wife and I are in a committed relationship

When my ED started she was very patient with me. I always made sure she was satisified and she helped me.

When all else failed I looked into an implant. Talking to my wife about it she said, “Jack, don’t do this for me.I did not marry you for your penis” I told her I was doing it for us. She gave me “that look” and then I admitted I was doing if for myself. She said that is what I thought and supported me all the way.

When I came out of surgery at Vanderbilt she was in the room waiting for me. She had talked with Dr. Milam and he told her I would be well satisified with the outcome. She had that sparkle in those beautiful green eyes I had not seen in a long time. (Still There)

She became annoyed

at my attempts to get a stiff penis, but when asked to assist me by stimulating my penis with her hands she refused point blank by informing me that a “real man never has a problem getting a stiff penis” and also “I am afraid of dead things and your dick is dead, so I can’t touch it”. This woman was my wife and at a marriage counselling session stated that her grand father had forced her to masturbate him and she could not look at a penis let alone touch one, even her husbands (she had 2 and divorced both of us when we failed to perform regularly). After my divorce I had several other partners over the years but had occasions of impotence which were cured by the woman rubbing my dick for abut 5 years then complete impotence set it. That was fixed with TURP and Cialis.